What’s included

Dinto is packed with awesome features that give you complete control over your community and greatly reduces the administrative tasks.

The Free plan will be free forever, and you can upgrade at any time.

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Mobile friendly

The responsive design makes it easy and effortless to use no matter which device you use.

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Expense module

Report expenses that are shared equally between community members.

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Event module

Create & keep track of community events and let us handle the financial calculations of who owes how much.

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Accounting module

Easy digestable overview of transactions for all community members.

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Member overview

See current community members and their balances.

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Basic notifications

Get a notification whenever an important event happens to your account.

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Filter transactions

Filter transactions based on affected user or transaction type.

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Filter expenses

Filter expenses by user or expense to easily find what you are looking for.

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Document module

Markdown based documents for all of your text based needs — includes a minimalistic WYSIWYG editor that lets you keep focus on the documents content.

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Percentage-based fines

Fine community members based on a percentage of their balance instead of a flat amount.

Autocomplete expenses

Get intelligent suggestions for expenses based on prior community expenses.

Attach images to expenses

Attach images to expenses, i.e. for receipts.

Document categories

Categorize documents into custom categories to separate documents by i.e. type.

Document permissions

Easily and intuitively define which users are allowed to edit documents, on a per-document basis.

Document revisions

See exactly what changed between document edits and who made the change — even restore a previous version with the click of a button!

Document auto-save

Have documents be auto-saved while editing in-case the browser chrases or the internet is spotty.


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